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I may be experienced, but I learn something new pretty much every project I work on

What did I learn in 2020?

I may be experienced, but I try to learn something new with every new project I help out with:-)

2020 was a really busy year, working almost entirely remotely. Some design things I learned:

  • When doing Crazy 8s and Solution sketches with remote teams over Zoom, you can put the mic next to your pad so your sharpie makes sounds that others can hear. Not sure if this is good or bad yet but it’s interesting, and helps give non-designers permission to scribble (I think).
  • I knew this already, but it was reinforced in the second project I did last year. The first five days make the most difference.
  • Big companies will pivot away from business models that hurt vulnerable people if you work with the right people in those companies.
  • If you can’t get super-close to your stakeholder because he’s rocking an entourage of management consultants it’s sometimes better to produce a good situation analysis then move on…
  • It’s hard to re-frame a consultation if you’re only on the team Mondays and Tuesdays (so am trying to find a better way to be helpful)
  • ARIA is a thing I didn’t know about. But now I do:-)
  • While design principles grow out of stated purpose, focusing too much on the purpose and assuming the principles will follow can get you in trouble.

Stay at home (a bit longer, almost there now), protect the NHS, save lives. Please. (at least for now, until the boffins agree on some next steps)

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