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Dug Falby's not much to look at, but here's half-decent likeness...


Design leader with over 18 years experience guiding and mentoring product and digital transformation teams in both client and consultancy-side roles

As Strategic Design Director in the Edinburgh studio, Dug has an overview on all client projects and pays special attention to service design strategy and approach, capability building and helping the design community to fulfill their potential.

In previous roles he was CX Director in the turnaround team at Dixons Stores Group and built Accenture’s London experience-led digital transformation practice.

Dug was tapped as a BIMA100 in service design consulting and sits on the advisory board of the New Breed innovation network.


  • Transformation consulting
  • Human-centred change leadership
  • Design thinking
  • Business design consulting
  • Service Design
  • Design Research
  • Co-creation and facilitation
  • Training and capability-building

Landmark clients

  • Irish Department for Social Protection
  • Coca-Cola Enterprises
  • Defra
  • BBC Advertising
  • Diageo
  • HMRC
  • Friends Provident
  • Aegis

What’s it like to work with me?

Head of Experience Design & HCD capability development
Approachable. Empathetic. knowledgeable. Three words that come to mind immediately when I think of Dug. He has that ‘senior practitioner vibe’ about him that commands respect.
Dug not only knows the stuff that makes the experiential design world go round and round, but, he takes folks with him, like willing satellites all bought-in to whichever task(s) are required to simply make great product.
Thank you Dug. and hopefully see you the next time around:-)
Director, Marks & Spencer Digital
Dug is a visionary regarding the holistic customer experience, in particular with regards to pushing forward new forms of interaction and value exchange with customers
Senior Vice President, Accenture
Dug and I worked together for two years to create the Avanade Digital business in the UK. He did an outstanding job. He built a team from scratch, opened a number of new accounts and developed a pan Global network for the UK business. Perhaps most importantly, despite significant challenges, he started the company’s change journey towards thinking about our customers’ problems in a user-centred way.
Head of Design, HMRC Digital
Knowledgeable, funny, geeky, articulate, artistic, and passionate - not just about user experience but about changing the world through empowering people to use technology to do what THEY want to do. One of the most remarkable people I have had the opportunity to work with.
Executive Design Leadership, EPAM San Francisco
Dug was tirelessly driven in the pursuit of delivering the best customer experience possible for Orange customers. His attention to the detail of the final design as well as the most efficient process for managing its creation and communicating his ideas exceeded expectation. A valuable member to any group or team working on cutting edge User Interface and customer experience design across any platform.
CTO, Tesco.com
Dug is a passionate and innovative advocate for the customer experience. His technical knowledge is a strength in creating agile solutions and engaging with the IT function
Founder, Glasshouse Partnership
Dug delivers. He understands the gulf between technology capabilities and user needs; and always finds a way to cross it

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