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Floraison, 1973. Watercolour by Jean-Michel Folon. Reproduced without permission.

Is there something about our approach to Design that means the waste of human capital is inevitable?

So one thing I keep coming back to and never action is the thought of wasting human capital and what we should do with old ideas...

Old ideas?

I have many hard drives full of concepts and systems that I dreamed up in response to something that was frightfully urgent 7 years ago. It’s not uncommon that an older concept comes back to haunt me, especially things from design thinkers I’ve respected for years. So often I’ll ponder an old concept and reflect how it’s still massively relevant, or that the original idea was 90% there but was missing something and we now have that thing…

Here are three things that keep coming back to nudge me:

  1. Indi Young and her mental Models framework (A lovely way of visualising where we might be leaving money on the table)
  2. Jesse James Garrett and his ‘abstract to concrete’ model of user experience (and how it can help with stakeholder management)
  3. Prahalad and Ramaswamy’s DART model (particularly relevant to designing experiences in a risk-averse environment)

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