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From Thomas' LinkedIn profile - I'm a manager of madness, storytelling service designer, discovery doer, dedicated design director, curiosity crusader, responsible AI advocate, innovation maven, UX geek, agent of behavioral change, bombast brand advocate, digital transformer, fearless foodie, pioneering pilgrim, pixel pusher, optimization optimist, validated venture designer, wayward wordsmith, and champion of human-centered design...

Thomas Wilson's very helpful accessibility list

So you want to design for Accessibility? Accessibility focuses on the access and benefits of your site, system, or application for everyone. It's an important part of design and should be considered BEFORE the development process.

This accessibility link-farm is a great start!

Great LinkedIn post for design

Free Courses on Accessibility and Forms, by Google

Topics on Accessibility:

Communication Technologies:

  • Speech to Speech: Google Parrotron - Link
  • Voice to Text (Braille):
  • Text to Emoji: Wemogee - Link
  • Movement to Speech (or Text/Braille): Lip Reading Translator, Sign Language Translator - Link

Assistive Technologies:

  • Smartphone Camera Translations, Money Detector, Text Reader, Environment Detector including Image to Text:

Health Tracking, Trigger and Stress Detection and Reduction:

Mobility Devices:

  • AI powered wheelchairs using voice commands
  • Google Maps - Link
  • Wheel Map (crowd-sourced info) - Link

Hashtags for Further Exploration:

Many thanks to Thomas for the content and Debbie for the suggestion:-)

This content was created by Thomas Wilson and reprinted here without permission.

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