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Suzanne Lanza and Yasmin Lebon doing their thing for Guy Laroche way back in the Eighties. Can't remember the photographer, except that he was French, had long blond hair, and wore these funky robin-hood style black tights and little leather slippers...

The first time I art-directed a photo-shoot

My first job in advertising was for a French Creative Director named Michel Delacroix. He had launched a string of successful agencies in Paris (all named after fruits Mandarine, Pamplemousse) and was making a move on New York City. My book was terrible, but I was a native French speaker, so he gave me a break...

His instructions were pretty clear.

Be there on time and shut up.

Michel explained that the campaign was mature, and the models were A-list, and that everything was sorted, and all knew exactly what to do, so all I had to do was drink espresso with the client and not say anything.

It was exciting. I may have asked a few questions, but it all came out well in the end:-)

Man, that was a long time ago…

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