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The GPCR SARfari workbench rethink was a ground up rethink of how researchers would use the search technology to identify elements for drug candidates.

Inpharmatica Ltd - GPCR SARfari data solution

SARfari is an integrated chemogenomics workbench focussed on GPCRs. The system incorporates and links GPCR sequence, structure, compounds and screening data.


The brief was to create a new web-based front end experience for GPCR Sarfari, an integrated chemogenomics workbench focused on GPCRs.

The brief was to redesign and restructure the bioinformatics extranet application GPCR SARfari.

The purpose of the redesign was to bring together a number of remote services and package the product prior to a parent company merger. The product is now maintained by the European Molecular Biology Laboratory.


I acted as an independent design consultant.

I lead a team of scientists, programmers and marketers through a complete user experience architecture process resulting in an entirely new product experience.

Design process

Sarfari dashboard screen

The UI grew out of a rapid development requirement where user needs assessment, paper sketching and HTML prototyping and visual design happened very quickly as the client needed to be ready for an event.

Binding sites

The database is designed (among many things) to promote the serendipitous discovery of compounds from a seemingly infinite number of combinations. I was inspired by the mix of beauty and randomness in the mobiles of Alexander Calder.

Alexander Calder randomness concept

The juxtaposition of random three-dimensional position with the seemingly unique shapes seemed a strong metaphor for the interaction of the genome scientist with the SARfari product.


Dynamic creation of interactive data-table visualisation was enabled with server-generated SVG files.


  • Lead stakeholder workshops
  • Lead product brand identity sessions
  • User needs analysis, competitive landscape Lead co-design workshops
  • User testing
  • Sketching, prototyping in rough HTML
  • UI Visual design
  • Front end coding (HTML/CSS)

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Tags: UX design, Complex applications, Programme management
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