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Unilever: Birds Eye pea harvest blog

Pea tasting in Hull with Colin


Unilever was selling Birds Eye and uncertainty about the future was impacting the workforce and risked negatively influencing a family favourite brand.


Use blogging to expose the "soul" of Birds Eye, to expose the inner working of the beloved comapny to the public. In the process, build social capital for Birds Eye during a difficult transition away from Unilever.


Collaborative media creation and consulting. For this one, I conceived and created the Pea Harvest blog which ended up making quite a stir. Not only did the advertising planning community pick up on it, but the eight-thousand employees who feared for their futures where given someone to focus their hopes on.

For a few magic months, Colin was exactly the kind of everyman-hero the teams needed to be hearing about.

Russell Davies comments on the Birds Eye pea blog:

I'll admit I clicked on the link with trepidation, corporate blogs are not always the best, but this is lovely. I think a lot of the charm is it's not trying to be more than it should, it's a blog about the pea harvest and pea tasting and it's just that, it's not pasted over with agency copywriting or big brand gags, it's just a look behind the scenes, using regular blogger tools, movable type, flickr, youtube, odeo. It'll never reach an audience of billions but it's not supposed to. Really nice work.

Birds Eye logoThe primary objective for the project was to allow Birds Eye to show that even though it may be a large corporation, it is built on strong human qualities.


Colin's voice is now a trusted source of information and Birds Eye has taken the first step in a programme to build on dialogue, accessibility and transparency. Colin is currently taking a break, but will start posting about his sustainability programme soon.

Marks & Spencer: Project Unicorn

Unicorn home page

Project Unicorn was a joint venture between Australian bank AMP and Marks & Spencer. The bank provided portfolio management across pensions, risk and investments. The service was integrated via a white-label CMS template system.

Unicorn portfolio

Dug produced the UX work for the financial product pages. The information architecture was designed to extend M&S existing offering while transparently displaying appropriate NAB services.

The British Museum: current state assessment

Information architecture and current state assessment.


Perform audit of all Museum's internet advertising and publishing activity, intranets, extranets and websites. Develop future publishing strategy and present plan to Directors. Establish costs and schedules for future activity.


Discovery workshop stimulus based on Museum structures


Responding to the DCMS brief for Museums in the 21st Century


Site flow dot file

CSS work


A couple more pure CSS application skins over at TruePlayaz and Lemonjelly and you know what, you learn something everyday--who'd a thunk you could get a dot-ky tld?

During a three-month product launch phase with the now defunct YRMedia, Dug produced unique CSS web front-ends for artists and labels Dive Dive; Minotaur; Lemonjelly; Stonebridge; Hedkandi; Franz Ferdinand; Alter Ego; MIA; Two Culture Clash.

Experimental Pragmatics

Experimental Pragmatics

In the spirit of releasing early and often, went live last night well before the design is actually finished. Dug can't pretend to understand the concepts of relevance and utterance interpretation, but he's happy to be able to help another non-profit onto the internet.

Note Acoustique Ecophon

ecophon.gifNote Acoustique Ecophon a multi-language Movabletype integration and information architecture project for client Fredrik Wackå


Hedkandi ringtone shop interface

Dug has completed another pure CSS ringtone shop interface for those wonderful guys at YR Media. We're now rapidly aproaching the point where the ringtone shops could be assembled into an unorthodox (because these are targeted at Firefox and IE6) CSS Zen Garden. More on that thought later...

Coca-Cola Enterprises: Employee experience portal

Coca-Cola Enterprises:
Intranet development for self-care HR and career development portal

Programme manager. Redevelop the Coca-Cola Enterprises human resources self-care product. Dug lead this massive development project to design an intranet system to streamline the performance dialogue process at CCE.

Coca Cola's annual review process started on time using the new system with a very high level of employee adoption.


Redesign and restructure the main Flora website. Conceive information model based on customer insight. Develop information model into an information architecture designed to support the growth of the website and the inclusion of future advertising initiatives.

Friends Provident

Friends Provident A project to unify the IFA-facing web services of UK financial services giant Friends Provident. This was a challenging project requiring as much diplomacy as design. The new designs should go live in Ocotber 2005

Dug has developed both communications and user-experience solutions for a number of large finacial services institutions including:

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