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Cognima: Website and mobile app CMS design

Cognima 'simplicity' campaign

Dug has worked with Cognima for a number of years. Over this period, he has developed sets of app and website templates designed to shield the CMS user from design mistakes. He has also produced:

  • A complete corporate identity programme
    • Brand mark
    • Brand guideline
    • Print requirements (letterhead, cards)
    • Website template system
    • Promotionals (T-shirts, mugs, mousemats)
    • Office signage and place-holding
    • Bilingual Japanese/English design
  • Travelling exhibition stand design
  • A collection of limited-edition music CDs

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Cognima Cognima




As ever, Tim says it best:

The blog itself should become a projection of the bizarre mind of Isaac Mostovicz: karate expert, diamanteer, talmudic scholar, luxury marketer...

Isaac believes that embracing paradox can enable deep transformation. He's written about 100,000 words on the topic so far, which I'll be editing and extracting over the months to come--confusion will reign!

Any suggestions for links, topics and functionality tweaks on a postcard please. Big hat tip to Glasshouse associate Dug Falby.

Cognima music promo


Dug has just finished up materials for client Cognima's "3GSM 2005": tradeshow presence. This year, Dug developed a new stand design incorporating plasma screens into the stand walls and a new edition of Music to Replicate Data By, a series of music compilations launched in 2003.

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The Lecture List

The Lecture List was launched in May 2004. Over the twelve-month design and development phase, Dug was responsible for the entire user experience, from functionality specification through to application design, human interaction and control of the final coding of the site's interface.

The Lecture List website start page

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James Bond brand development programme

The client asked for interactive ideas that would allow millions of people around the world to experience the 007 lifestyle.

Dug's response was Bondworld, where budding spies begin a mission by picking up a brief from a Hertz car office, receiving text messages from fellow agents on their Nokia phones and in emails, while taking on Goldfinger's empire by infiltrating his secret network. All in their lunchtime.

Bondworld: Introductory screenBondworld: Introductory screenBondworld: Thermal scannerBondworld: IM intelligence interfaceBondworld: Intelligence PIM interfaceBondworld: Presentation to affiliates

See if you're up to it at

Ian Fleming Encyclopedia

Searching by quote and reference Dug spent two years developing assets and strategies for Glidrose Publications Limited, the owners of the James Bond intellectual property. One of Dug's favourite projects is the Ian Fleming Encyclopedia.

The site contains every word written by Ian Fleming, organised in a flexible, resilient and easy-to-use database. Designed for academics as well as amateurs, the search-and-comparison facilities will be cross-referenced with relevant course data provided by rss feed from university publishing resources.

While Dug produced mock-ups of search-and-compare web pages to add the film resources of Danjaq, LLC. and MGM to the site, the IP owners are still in legal consultation and this element of the project is temporarily on hold.

Dug designed the front end as part of the overhaul of the whole Glidrose / Fleming / Bond identity review and successfully manages to walk the tightrope strung between Ian Fleming's credibility as a serious writer and James Bond's global action-hero persona.

The Ian Fleming Encyclopedia front page

The site is still being populated by the Glidrose editorial team. A holding site is online at (not designed by Dug)

Niminim Ltd

Designed standards-compliant version of the Guardian Unlimited website to satisfy accessibility/usability requirements of UK educational charity (The Lecture List).

Lawtel application interface

Accessibility consulting for

Accessibility consulting for on a brief from US legal giant Lawtel.

New skins establish UK credentials for product

Dug designed skins for a number of the applications pages. As part of the brief, Dug also developed a methodology for the internal team to follow to protecting usability / accessibility during both the initial design and final implementation phases of the project.




Shrek DVD launch

Swampy Love GodDVD purchases.

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The First 100 Days of a Marketing Director

The First 100 days The website introduction explains it best:

Oxford Strategic Marketing, in partnership with Hunter Miller, has commissioned independent research to explore the critical issues facing senior marketers in their first 100 Days. The report will be available in January 2004 to download, and the critical issues will continue to be debated below. To keep abreast of the debate, subscribe to our rss-feed.

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