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Experimental Pragmatics

Experimental Pragmatics

In the spirit of releasing early and often, experimentalpragmatics.org went live last night well before the design is actually finished. Dug can't pretend to understand the concepts of relevance and utterance interpretation, but he's happy to be able to help another non-profit onto the internet.


Thanks, Dug. We're really pleased with the site and looking forward to doing more work on it. It's great to get help from someone who knows what they're doing AND how to talk to non-technical folk like us.


hi, i'm a chinese postgraduate majoring in english. so you are working on experimental pragmatics. i am doing such an experiment too, as my graduation thesis' topic. hope we can further this chat:)

Hi Jane, didn't you mean to comment on the experimental pragmatics website? I'm sure Billy would be delighted to enter into debate with you.


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