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Fleming European brand convergence

Fleming Asset Management

The brand convergence project involved 15 European divisions with 15 different product owners and as many sub-brands.

The client approached Dug and asked for help in developing a strategy to integrate the brands. The project involved creating a harmonised brand identity, a set of metaphors which allowed group owners to understand how their product offering would slot into the creative and final website templates for the group's internal teams.

Dug's response was the Big Shelf concept, an idea that turned a complex web of corporate information into a system which put the customer back in control while allowing the company and its divisions to work together more effectively.

Jardine FlemingJardine Fleming

The Shelf is an information matrix that is rotated by customer type, product type and geographic location. The design allows for this unlimited access and applies a consistent look and feel independent of product details of local area legislation.

Jardine Fleming

He ran stakeholder workshops to sell the idea and guided internal teams through the development process.

Jardine Fleming

The best way to visualise the way the shelf works (and to understand the thinking behind the unusual design) is to imagine a Rubik's cube of financial services which could be rotated to assemble the right package (like a set of the Rubik's coloured squares) and then unfolded and projected onto a flat surface.

Jardine Fleming

OM Group stock exchange project

Strawberry Frog, Amsterdam

Dug was asked by Strawberry Frog's Brian Elliot to help out on the OM Group virtual stock exchange project.

The Dutch advertising agency had worked as a team with the client's business analysts, the Boston Consulting Group, to establish the feasibility in business terms of running a web-based virtual stock exchange.

Missing from the equation was a team member with expertise of large, complex, web-based projects who was able to act as a bridge between the offline advertising team and the technical team at OM Group.

Dug's advertising experience, coupled with his managing of pan-European data-distribution projects for Offworld Industries made him an ideal candidate for the job. Dug ran a creative and technology audit which he presented to the board of OM Group in Stockholm.

Dug is unusual in that if the project demands it, he can act as a technology consultant as well as a creative director. He has consulted on xml-based publishing initiatives for The Discovery Channel, cataloging for GE and Acer Computers among others.

Standard Chartered: High net-worth customer foreign exchange (FX) portal

Ambient communication to introduce new SC FX product at a trade show. Here's what the press release said about the product:

Standard Chartered has launched escape, which offers institutions the power to provide online foreign exchange to their customers. The bank is well known for providing first class emerging markets liquidity, and they are now able to "white label" this service for other institutions and their customers.

Escape, white label FX portal

With Standard Chartered they have access to a wealth of emerging markets knowledge and expertise that can be passed on to their clients. Standard Chartered's foreign exchange network spans over 100 different currencies and, through escape, puts it right at the customers' fingertips.

The Discovery Network

Discover Health website

Dug ran an audit of the client's publishing methodologies and creative position for online. This enabled the new Discovery Health website to gain credibility among viewers and establish the channel it supported as a free-standing editorial offering.

Dug also proposed an XML-based language system, DCML to allow US and UK Discovery Channel teams to publish together and share assets across different CMS tools.

Web designer: Daniel Harman

Victor Chandler

guided complex betting process by goal

Dug consulted on accessibility / usability for Gibraltar-based gambling site.

The Street (

Dug directed the design of the UK version of

He paid particular attention to UK journalistic idiom so that the site was truly native as opposed to a ‘port' of the US offering.

Dug designed the xhtml templates for the magazine which allowed multicolumn layout to function correctly at all seven browser font-size settings.

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