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Forty Hall Estate Wineries

Nicki is working on the branding for a new wine grown in Enfield, North London (yes, really). You'll have to wait a few years to get some in your glass, but the service design is making headway.


We've built a lovely responsive site that reinforces the key brand values of "community", "brave" and "quality" to the vineyard's three primary audiences: English wine business, mental health charities, soil association.


Since launching, donations are up 250% and the vineyard managers are tracking their web and social performance with the tools we installed:-)

Nicki is looking at how the prospective customers will experience the brand across time and across multiple touchpoints (we've just tested the awesome i-nigma qrcode reader on the iPhone and it automatically goes from scan to website, very nice).


It's great to be working with a real 'maker' brand. Satisfying gig and I may even get a case of wine out of it:-)

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