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Global Service Jam

I just spent the weekend in Leeds jamming with some very interesting folk. We were challenged to develop a service prototype in 48 hours under the overall theme of "(super)heroes". We chose to work in the problem space around youth and crime.

Crime and punishment stakeholders

We brainstormed and eventually tried a mental model

The mental model inspired by Indi Young's work

The model surfaced an opportunity space between the child who "wants to be free" and the mentor and institutions that can't usefully communicate the difference between right and wrong. The service we came up with was a space where young people could experiment with alternative behaviour in the safety of the virtual world.

Lisa is 14 and wants to have fun but is learning to help others and do the right thing

To evidence the service we built a scenario around Lisa who is 14 and wants to have fun but is learning to help others and do the right thing. Here's the mini-blueprint of the service.

Mini-blueprint of 
the "Do the Right Thing" service

You can grab the pdf if you want to look at the detail. We worked under a Creative Commons license and the details of Do the Right Thing (and many other astonishing projects) are online and do check out the other projects as teams around the planet put in the equivalent of 50,000 man/hours over the course of the weekend:-)

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