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Fleming European brand convergence

Fleming Asset Management

The brand convergence project involved 15 European divisions with 15 different product owners and as many sub-brands.

The client approached Dug and asked for help in developing a strategy to integrate the brands. The project involved creating a harmonised brand identity, a set of metaphors which allowed group owners to understand how their product offering would slot into the creative and final website templates for the group's internal teams.

Dug's response was the Big Shelf concept, an idea that turned a complex web of corporate information into a system which put the customer back in control while allowing the company and its divisions to work together more effectively.

Jardine FlemingJardine Fleming

The Shelf is an information matrix that is rotated by customer type, product type and geographic location. The design allows for this unlimited access and applies a consistent look and feel independent of product details of local area legislation.

Jardine Fleming

He ran stakeholder workshops to sell the idea and guided internal teams through the development process.

Jardine Fleming

The best way to visualise the way the shelf works (and to understand the thinking behind the unusual design) is to imagine a Rubik's cube of financial services which could be rotated to assemble the right package (like a set of the Rubik's coloured squares) and then unfolded and projected onto a flat surface.

Jardine Fleming

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