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Cognima music promo


Dug has just finished up materials for client Cognima's "3GSM 2005": tradeshow presence. This year, Dug developed a new stand design incorporating plasma screens into the stand walls and a new edition of Music to Replicate Data By, a series of music compilations launched in 2003.

From the Cognima website:

We decided we wanted to produce a promotional item with a bit more to it than just sticking our logo on a mug or something. We wanted to produce something people actually might come to value. So we decided to produce a compilation album of a few artists we like here at Cognima.

Music To Replicate Data By Volume 3 is a strictly limited edition. Only 2000 copies were pressed, and it has now sold out. A few of the tracks on the compilation are exclusive and have never been released elsewhere.


See also Cognima project overview

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