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Hedkandi ringtone shop interface

Dug has completed another pure CSS ringtone shop interface for those wonderful guys at YR Media. We're now rapidly aproaching the point where the ringtone shops could be assembled into an unorthodox (because these are targeted at Firefox and IE6) CSS Zen Garden. More on that thought later...


Nice fresh design on the HedKandi mobile shop, mirroring the site itself.

Although the CSS is aimed primarily at FF and IE 6, the more browsers that function with the shops the better.

Zen Garden... There's an idea! Might have done yourself out of a job there Dug.. :)

Gosh, thanks Mark *grin*

I think we've done what? about ten of these by now? It would be cool to see them side by side as they really show off the power of CSS.

(Of course, they also show off the power of your lovely semantic markup)

Oh, and for the benefit of the CSS boffins out there, I write these pages on Camino on OSX and IE5 on Windows 2000, so the list of tested browsers is more like FF MOZ IE6PC IE5PC and Camino OSX. There are no hacks and it's all validated and standards-compliant.


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